Royal Mail


The larger your supply chain, the greater the challenge in managing it, communicating with it, and delivering efficient results from it. In 2007, Royal Mail realised the need for change in its supply chain and asked SIMS for help. We’ve been with Royal Mail ever since. 

The Challenge

To develop and implement changes to Royal Mail’s supply chain management and print procurement processes that would:

  • Deliver significant cost savings
  • Improve internal and external communications
  • Drive operational and customer improvements across Post Office Ltd, Royal Mail and Parcel Force.

The Solution

SIMS needed to understand the way Royal Mail worked across its wide business portfolio. Following a review of the business’ supply and procurement processes in relation to data, print, display materials and exhibition and event work, SIMS began a process of consolidation and rationalisation.


  • £75M saved in 3 years
  • 200 plus suppliers managed and transitioned
  • Consolidated supply chain to 25 key suppliers over first year
  • Implemented online procurement, vendor and data management systems
  • Delivered display and marketing collateral across an estate of 11,000 branches
  • Up to 500,000 mailing packs mailed each month across multiple campaigns


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